Thursday, April 26, 2007

ITM 7: Show & Tell

Dive-in to see amazing examples of how students are using a wide-range of innovative tools in the classroom.

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Show Notes:

Dive into our Virtual Open House! We can talk all we want about "cool tools," but it doesn't mean much until we see how it impacts kids. So, this episode is all about students: what interests them, how they understand and generate knowledge, and the amazing things they can do when we give them the right tools and guidance. It's time to let the kids show off!

BTW - if you've got great clips of student work, send them our way. We'd love to include them on the ITM.

Here the examples highlighted in the show...

> MacBeth Wars was produced by 12th grade students for an English project. It's embedded here for you to watch or you can download it from Google Video. PS - Don't be fooled by the fake opening...

> While you're at it, check out a different Star Wars MacBeth video that was produced back in 1997 by students from Glen Ridge High School, New Jersey. The creators digitized it and put it online with behind the scenes details on how it was produced.

> "Does History Repeat Itself?" is a project from City Arts and Tech High School, San Francisco, CA.

> Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams is a non-competitive initiative that awards grants up to $10,000 each to teams of high school students, teachers, and mentors to identify a problem and invent a solution for it. Designed to excite, empower, and encourage students through hands-on problem solving, InvenTeams aims to inspire a new generation of inventors. Initial applications are due April 27, 2007, or e-mail questions to And if you live in the Boston area, plan on joining them at the InvenTeams Odyssey, June 19-23, 2007.

> The Envision Schools Project Exchange is an online workspace for Envision teachers to share best practices in project design and implementation. It's an initiative of Envision Schools - a network of high performing charter schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to check out the Holocaust & Genocide Museum project.

> Rock Our World is an international collaborative project led by Carol Anne McGuire and her students in Orange Unified School District. During the project students use video conferencing and media production to collaborate on challenges and learn about the world. ROW 6 is called "Are You Game", and it involves 20 schools from 6 different continents. Look for their live webcast on June 9th!

> ITM Correspondent Mark Wagner talked to kids at the CA Student Technology Showcase during the 2007 CUE Conference. Explore Cypress High School's "Digital DNA" project, Eureka High Schools "East Lab", and the great work being done at Echo Horizon School.

Special thanks to the students from Rock Our World for their shout outs! And to Mike Morrison and Scott Smith for helping me take my first Segway experience!