Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lucy and Lucie's Friday Five - Cellphones in Education

Earlier this school year, I decided to follow in the footsteps of fellow educator, Lucy Gray, by posting a weekly list of websites, called the Friday Five, within my school. Lucy started the Friday Five tradition on her website back in 2006. This list has turned out to be one the most successful professional development methods I've tried this year. It seems like in a world where we are overwhelmed by choice, "more" is not always better. Just ask Barry Schwartz, author of Paradox of Choice. In a world, where the cookie aisle at your store has 285 types of cookies and Google yields millions of results for most queries, educators are welcoming a "short" list of websites related to a theme.

Therefore, Lucy and I have decided to pool our efforts to bring this Friday Five feature to the readers of Infinite Thinking Machine. We hope you will enjoy a 'short' list of five or so websites around a topic or theme related to using technology to help you shape your students into Infinite Thinking Machines.

This week's list comes on the heel of the Horizon 2009 report's predictions, and includes links ranging from broad predictions of the role of cellphones in our future, ways to use them in education, and reminders of the need for increased discussions about safety around their use.
Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: Deeknow

  1. 2009 Horizon Report » One Year or Less: Mobile

    The whole Horizon Report is a MUST read for anyone interested in technology, change, new media, and education. Take note of the biggest prediction for ONE year or LESS: MOBILE
    An accompanying web site focusing these issues on education is1.

  2. From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning
    (and related interviews or podcast with the author of this site)

    Cell Phones in Education - An Interview with Liz Korb - Interviews -

    Cell Phone Books - Reading Is Reading :: The Education Business Blog

  3. Good Web Post from Wes Fryer with thoughtful insights and resources

  4. Guidelines and Instructional Uses for Cellphones in Education
    Explore reasons some school districts are embracing the use of cell phones for learning both inside and outside the classroom and examine specific guidelines school districts are utilizing for student cell

  5. E-School News article about risky behaviors by students related to cell phone use
    A good article in Eschool News about how schools are handling some of
    the more recent riskier behaviors related to cell phones.
I hope this collection of sites is useful to those of you currently discussing cellphone use in your school community. And Lucy and I look forward to bringing you next week's Friday Five. Feel free to offer your own related websites in the comments, or suggest some topics for future Friday Fives.