Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Call for 2011 Global Education Conference Proposals!

Excitement is really building for the 2011 Global Education Conference (November 14 - 18), and this is a quick reminder that proposals for session presentations are due by the end of the day this Monday, October 31st. Submit HERE. (To register to attend the conference, which is free, just join the network at

We started accepting proposals this past week, and they are being approved in the order submitted. If your proposal is accepted, you then choose a time slot from the available times to present. This is to allow you to choose a day and time to present that are convenient to you. Potential presenters should also join the presenters group on the website to receive email announcements specific to presenters.

Awesome keynote session are starting to be announced, and the conference schedule is filling with a variety of general sessions (you can see them in your own time zone HERE). And there are badges, a poster, and press releases available on the Press and Promotional page of the network!

See you online!