Friday, July 13, 2007

iGoogle is Must Have for Kids

We are pleased to have a new correspondent join the ITM - 9 year-old Adora Svitak. Adora is a published author who's written hundreds of short stories, maintains her own blog, and has been featured on CNN and Good Morning America. Most importantly, she's an avid tech user who types at amazing speeds. We're excited to have Adora provide us with her thoughts on technology and learning from the perspective of a "Digital Native." Be sure to welcome Adora to the ITM community in the comments below her post! - Chris Walsh

Although I consider myself fairly well-versed in technology, discovering iGoogle made me ecstatic. It's an absolute must-have if you want to keep floating on the all too murky surface of tech popularity. An iGoogle a ccount is necessary to put yourself forward as a professional tech savvy. iGoogle is a recently introduced branch of Google, stemming from its customized version. Viewers are able to choose from a palette of themes including "City Bus Stop" and "Sweet Dreams", all of which adjust to your local weather. Before you decide this is a "frivolous" product, consider the quick access to Wikipedia, Word of the Day, Brainteasers, Time and Date, To-Do, and Type Type Revolution gadgets. Google News, BBC, Scientific American, and the Discovery Channel all provide current events and educational news feeds. Kids have potential to succeed without sacrificing their "fun" -- iGoogle gives great educational links plus tools like calculators. Ye rowdy children, gather 'round the computer-place--warm your hands at the computer, and get ready to have some serious fun with serious learning.

As a writer, one of my favorite features is the Literary Quote of the Day. Including a wide range of authors, the Literary Quote of the Day is a whimsical gadget. While it's not particularly useful in everyday life (except maybe to retort to the coworker who claims you're vulgar and badly educated), the Literary Quote is interesting to look at. It's also small so it conserves space in your iGoogle page, unlike many larger gadgets. As a kid, I love Type Type Revolution, a fast-powered game featuring terrific typing. Creating your own iGoogle page is like creating your own world. I was extremely excited when I first discovered this. I began getting iGoogle gadgets in a frenzied race, as if a Cyclops would appear out of nowhere momentarily and smash my computer to smithereens.