Monday, August 23, 2010

Live and Interactive Elluminate Event Schedule for This Week

Below are this week's public, free, and interactive Webinars through, the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate.  The time of the events below will show up automatically in your own time zone when you are registered in LearnCentral and when you have chosen your time zone in your profile. Event recordings are posted and available after the events if you aren't able to attend them live. If you are looking for an easy calendar import / RSS feed for these events, you'll now find a link on your  calendar page or the calendar page of specific groups!

Be on the lookout for Australia-time-friendly events as part of the new Australia Series, Spanish-language Webinars from the Aula 2.0 Series, and student-oriented sessions from Students 2.0!  We also hope you will consider hosting your own public webinars using the LearnCentral public room--instructions are available by joining the "Host Your Own Webinar" group on the main announcement tab (

Thanks for your attention, and see you online!

Monday, August 23rd
  • 1pm PDT (US) / 4pm EDT (US) / 8pm GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES 
    Amber Mac discusses her book “Power Friending” and demystifying social media, with Steve Hargadon as part of the interview series.
  • 10:45pm PDT (US) / 1:45am EDT (next day) (US) / 5:45pm GMT/UTC (next day) (intl
    “Tech Talk Tuesdays: LEEPing into Leadership - Students as ICT Mentors,” 
    with host Anne MirtschinIn this session we will discuss LEEP with Lois Smethhurst and her students. LEEP stands for Lodgers’ E-learning Extension and is a special program offered to high achieving students at Berwick Lodge Primary School, Victoria Australia. One of the main goals of the program is to enable students to become ICT leaders in their classroom, modelling and supporting their peers and teachers to utilise ICT skills that enhance learning. The students who participate in the program have lessons in advanced ICT skills and are supported to develop the social and interpersonal skills necessary for leadership and peer mentoring. This is the second year of the program and it is gathering momentum as the students develop confidence and have experience in the role. Equally teachers are becoming more comfortable and adept at utilizing the ICT student experts in their room.”
Tuesday, August 24ths
  • 4pm PDT (US) / 7pm EDT (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): AULA 2.0 SERIES
    “Utilizando Web 2.0 para promover comunicación en las clases de Idiomas – Un Ejemplo de Youtube,”
    con Thomas Chaskel.
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES 
    Join Steve Hargadon as he interviews Kathleen Cushman on her book about student studies on engagement and learning, “Fires in the Mind.” Part of the interview series.
Wednesday, August 25th
  • 3am PDT (US) / 6am EDT (US) / 10am GMT/UTC (intl times): AUSTRALIA SERIES
    eT@lking: Second Life Workshop," with host Marian HeddesheimerLearn how to teleport to interesting places in SL, how you move your avatar and get information about the virtual world. The
    class will start as presentation (using desktop sharing) to show you my own view in the SL Viewer Version 2. The second part will be a live hands-on tour directly in SL where you need to start up the SL Viewer along with the Elluminate virtual classroom. You need to have an account at Secondlife already. If you don't have a (free) account yet, please create one before you come into class at: Please make sure you will be able to run the SL viewer along with the Elluminate virtual classroom to take part of the second part of this workshop.
  • 1:30pm PDT (US) / 4:30pm EDT (US) / 7:30pm GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES Join Steve Hargadon for a discussion about “The BYU-Idaho Learning Modelas part of the interview series.
  • 7pm PDT (US) / 10pm EDT (US) / 2am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): AUSTRALIA SERIES
    Join Coach Carole for the latest session of “Moderator Masterclasses: Series 3” as she demonstrates how to moderate segments within the Elluminate tutorial and use the moderator tools effectively.
Thursday, August 26th
  • 11am PDT (US) / 2pm EDT (US) / 6pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    Elluminti: Back to School,” with host Shannon Autrey Forte. As organizations get ready to rollout Elluminate to their students and faculty for the start of the school year, the August Elluminati session will focus on ensuring you have a successful rollout. During the session, we’ll share key resources you’ll need to prepare your users and train your faculty members. Bring your tips and best practices as well to share with the group. This session will be hosted by Zemina Hasham, Senior Director, International Client Services of Elluminate.
  • 12:30pm PDT (US) / 3:30pm EDT (US) / 7:30pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    “Informational Text and Multigenre Text Sets.” 
    Join Kimberly Lightle for a presentation on the importance of using informational text in the primary and elementary grades, and how the creation and use of multigenre text sets can enhance instruction. Science and literacy instruction in the elementary grades is the focus of a new series of web seminars for the 2010-2011 school year. The series is sponsored by Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears, an NSF-funded project that provides professional development and instructional resources to elementary teachers. Information about all of the presentations and the recordings of all past seminars are available at
  • 4pm PDT (US) / 7pm EDT (US) / 11pm GMT/UTC (intl times):
    “Edublogs Fine Focus (topic to be advised).” 
    Join Jo Hart for a fortnightly unconference "Fine Focus" session on a wide range of topics from: how to use tools/applications (the "techie stuff"), edu issues, e-learning tools/strategies and much more. In fact anything "e" that is of interest to educators. Additionally, if you have anything you would like to share we would love you to deliver a session for us.
  • 5pm PDT (US) / 8pm EDT (US) / 12am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times): FUTURE OF EDUCATION SERIES
    Join Steve Hargadon as he interviews George Siemens about “Connectivism” as part of the interview series.
Saturday, August 28th
  • 9am PDT (US) / 12pm EDT (US) / 4pm GMT/UTC (intl times): CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE SERIES
    eduTecher: Webtools and Resources for Teachers and Students,” with co-hosts Kim Caise, Lorna Costantini and Peggy GeorgeAdam Bellowfounder of eduTecherwill share this website featuring resources and information to assist teachers integrating and using web tools in the classroom.

  • 7pm PDT (US) / 10pm EDT (US) / 2am GMT/UTC (next day) (intl times):
    Carribean Educators Network (CEN) Webinar” with host LeRoy Hill. Join LeRoy as guest,
    Dr. Bob Zenhausern, talks to the issue of the diversity thinking styles and how that relates to reading disability.