Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Collaborate for Good" Contest - Final Week for Proposals!

This is the last week to submit, or vote on, proposals for the "Collaborate for Good" contest at http://www.wecollaborate.com. Let us know how you would use a  free Blackboard Collaborate room to make a difference for your school, your organization, your community, or the world! (Blackboard Collaborate is the newly combined platform that used to be Elluminate and Wimba, and which is launching this month.) Proposals are due by Monday, July 25th. Ten winners will each receive a 1-year, 50-seat Blackboard Collaborate room to use to make a difference in the world. More details and the contest rules are at the website.

There have been some great proposals so far. We hope you will add yours! Here are some of the great ideas we've received (you can see all the submissions at http://www.wecollaborate.com/profiles/blog/list:

  • Helping  under-credited, over-age students who need to get "back on track" 
  • Holding online parent workshops
  • Helping inspire Greek students toward life-long learning
  • Providing professional development in the use of technology to teachers and schools
  • Connecting STEM Clubs of America members and advisors and hold virtual meetings and mini-conferences
  • Supporting collaborative music compositions with students all over the world
  • Working with EFL coaches to help advanced learners of Englishy around the globe
  • Supporting debates, lobbying, and caucusing for the Online Model United Nations
  • Creating a "living 21st-century textbook ecosystem," letting students from around the world discuss historical events together as a part of their study
  • Promoting Open Source Software to African nations
  • Enhancing global conversations with schools around the world
  • Raising awareness about the negative effects of bullying and harassment
  • Developing K-12 STEM teams for a Water Quality Project and students sharing internationally with each other
  • Helping schools in Prince Edward Island to collaborate toward 21st-century learning activities
  • Setting up English language clubs in the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Teaching students from Greece, Hungary, Spain, Iceland, and Belgium about Web 2.0 applications
  • Networking 15 not-for-profit Neighborhood Houses in Australia
  • Hosting a webinar series on to share best practices using technology in education
  • Sharing lessons and promoting cross-grade planning for teachers in a technology roll-out
  • Building a scholastic K-12 network
  • Hosting weekly online meetings to help elected and employed local government officials share their knowledge with each other
Does this give you any ideas? We hope so! Submit your proposal this week at http://www.wecollaborate.com.